Meet a CX Adviser: Jack

It’s time for us to say hello to another team member! Yep, it’s a new edition in our series of Meet a CX Adviser articles, where we talk to the people behind the PassMeFast magic.

Today, we’ll be profiling Jack, who joined our team in summer 2019. Since then, he’s already worked with hundreds of our students to ensure their driving journey is a success. Let’s get to know him a little better…

About Jack

Age: 22

Do you have a driving licence? Not yet!

What do you do to relax? Watch Netflix!

What are your hobbies and interests? I pride myself on being the best 5-a-side footballer at PassMeFast.

Jack at PassMeFast

When did you join PassMeFast? July 2019.

What made you decide to join PassMeFast? It seemed like a great place to work, with a friendly atmosphere and a good team chemistry.

What’s your favourite thing about being a CX Adviser? Seeing how happy and grateful people are when they pass their test!

What’s the funniest thing that’s happened since you started working at PassMeFast? Probably when we couldn’t book somebody called Nicky’s test as his name was down as Licky. The phone call we had whilst trying to figure it out was quite funny. I remember him saying “why would anyone be called Licky?!”.

What’s your favourite pass story? We get quite a lot of older people learning with us (like 65+), so it is always nice to see them passing and their pass photos!

What’s the most common problem learners come to you with? A lack of confidence in themselves.

What’s the best piece of advice you’d give to new drivers? Don’t give up; some lessons will be better than others. As long as you have the drive (pun intended) to pass you will get there in the end!

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That’s all for this month! Join us again soon when we’ll be getting to know another member of the team. Until then, stay tuned to the PassMeFast Blog for top driving advice and all the latest news.

By Andy Boardman

Andy has been part of the PassMeFast Blog team from the very beginning. He'll provide you with plenty of useful motoring advice, helping you to get the most out of every trip. When he's not writing here, you're most likely to find Andy on the way to his next destination.

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