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PassMeFast has helped hundreds of learner drivers across the UK ditch the L plates and get on the road in the space of weeks or even days—and this month was no different. The sun might have been scorching, but that certainly didn’t stop PassMeFast learners from getting on the road! We’ve had a number of great students pass this June. So, if you’re not sure if PassMeFast would be the right fit or you think we’re over-hyped, we’re sure our top 5 customer reviews in June will help you make up your mind. 

It was certainly difficult narrowing it down to just 5 reviews, but we managed it—giving you genuine PassMeFast experiences, so you can take a look under the hood and decide if you like what you see!

1. We’re not called PassMeFast for nothing

There’s a reason that so many learners across the UK come to us to get their driving licence, and that’s because we get students passed fast. Whether you’re looking for an intensive course or a simple fast-track practical test, we’ve got you covered. This was certainly the case for Stacey. She had mere days to pass her practical test before her theory certificate expired. Fortunately, we were more than equipped to help her out!

“I had failed my first test 7th June, my theory ran out the 23rd of June and I had a 6 day window to find and book a practical test before I’d have to start all over again. PassMeFast  was able to find and book me a test within those 6 days and I passed! Can’t thank the team fast enough for helping me on such a short notice.”

2. It doesn’t matter how busy you are

It can be difficult to fit driving lessons around a busy schedule—especially if you’re a university student. That’s why PassMeFast’s courses are tailored to be taken in an intensive or semi-intensive manner—dependent entirely on a student’s availability. Our Customer Experience team work directly with instructors to schedule driving lessons and your test. They take special care to note down any available and unavailable days. 

Sophie didn’t have much time on her hands on account of university exams. Fortunately, we were able to sort her out with a theory test, driving lessons and a fast-track practical…

“When I contacted PassMeFast I had previous driving experience [from] years ago. I now needed to resit my theory test which was out of date and pass my practical test in a short space of time. On top of this, I had final university exams and work to factor in. My CX Adviser at PassMeFast was Ross – an absolute star! I sent him all of my available and unavailable dates and he slotted everything in perfectly, booking my practical and theory on my behalf and finding me an instructor that could work around my schedule. I then began a 15 hour manual course with Alan in Huddersfield and passed my test. I cannot thank the team at PassMeFast enough and would highly recommend them to anyone and everyone.”

If you’re a student looking to get your driving licence, you’ll be pleased to hear that PassMeFast offers student discount!

3. Never say never

No learner driver is the same. It’s why we made sure to tailor our crash course packages to suit learners of any experience or confidence level. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t been on the road in years or you’ve suffered from a few false starts, PassMeFast is here to support you through it.

Our instructors are more than experienced with learners who suffer from test day nerves—no-one knows this better than Amber. After failing a few tests, she convinced herself that she’d never pass. Fortunately, with the help of one of our top instructors, she passed with only 3 minors!

“Can’t praise PassMeFast enough, after 3 tests I had given up on driving and accepted i’d never pass, however after moving to Manchester for uni I decided I would book a 15 hour course and try again. My instructor Sue was amazing and I can’t fault her, she built up my confidence completely and made me feel so much happier on the road after not driving in over a year. Today I passed my test with only 3 minors, after only a week or so of lessons. I am so happy, thank you!”

If you’d like to see more students who’ve passed with us, simply head on over to our favourite pass photos—or keep an eye on our your pass stories category. 

4. The best of friends

Depending on the course, learners could be spending up to 48 hours in a car with their instructor. Needless to say, it’s vital that they’re the right fit. Fortunately, our grade A and B instructors are more than experienced with putting learners at ease and helping them build up the confidence they need to pass with flying colours.

Chan was a complete beginner, choosing our 48 hour beginner driving course. Needless to say, he had to spend a lot of time with his instructor, Riaz. After completing all of his course hours in just 6 weeks, Chan flew through his test, passing with only 4 minors. Not only did he get that shiny green licence, he also gained a new friend…

My experience at PassMeFast was brilliant, I sailed through both of my exams thanks to Riaz who explained everything thoroughly and made sure I was confident on everything as I gained more and more skills. It was a good opportunity to get to know my instructor as a friend which helped me through the experience also. I will definitely recommend the service and especially Riaz to my friends and family who want to pass in a quick amount of time with complete understanding. Thank you!”  

5. Better late than never

There’s no telling how many attempts it will take you to pass your driving test—each learner is different. We’ve had some students take to driving like a fish in water, needing only a short course to get passed. Other students struggle with driving anxiety. Once you’ve failed one test, it can be all too easy to become convinced you’re never going to pass. 

Mary knows this feeling all to well, having been trying to pass for 20 years! With nerves getting in the way of her passing, she was very close to giving up altogether. Fortunately, the third time’s a charm and she managed to pass with just 7 minors. What an achievement!

“Absolutely fantastic customer service! I’ve been trying to pass for 20 years with various schools and independent instructors. After failing my test twice I decided to go with PassMeFast, best thing I ever did! Anthony booked me a test within a few weeks and was there whenever I needed any questions answering. They paired me with Colin who by far is the best instructor I’ve ever had. He made driving simple and I never felt nervous once when having a lesson (my nerves were always my downfall before). Colin was able to explain in a simple manner that took all the confusion out of the process. Thank you PassMeFast! I can’t recommend this company enough”

Impressed by Mary’s story? Feast your eyes on one of our favourite pass storiesCheryl passes after 24 years

If you’d like to follow in our students’ footsteps—joining our favourite pass photos and customer reviews—simply get in touch with PassMeFast on 0333 123 4949. We’ll give you a full driving course rundown and help you get on the road fast. 

By Bethany Hall

Whether you’re a learner or a pro driver, Bethany is here to help. From defensive driving to the Highway Code, she’ll tell you everything you need know about driving. If she’s not on the road, you’ll probably find Bethany with her head in a book or binge-watching the latest TV show.

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