PassMeFast’s Top 10: YouTube Channels for Learner Drivers

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If you find yourself struggling to master a certain driving skill, or you’re trying to dispel some of the mystery surrounding the dreaded driving test, there’s one place to head to: YouTube. Though nothing compares to the actual tuition of a DVSA-approved instructor, YouTube videos are a great way of watching lessons in action, getting top tips from experienced instructors and easing your nerves. But where do you start? In this guide, we’re walking you through our top ten YouTube channels for learner drivers. Take a look and let us know what you think!

10. Get Driving

Though Get Driving‘s YouTube channel has only been going since February 2019, it has plenty of handy and fun videos to share. The channel is split into an even mix of content targeting learner drivers preparing to take their practical and those who are looking to purchase their first car. If you head to their playlist section, you can watch driving tutorials ranging from safe driving tips for dual carriageways to sat nav driving to road position while driving. Other playlists include driving instructor vlogs and armchair instructor tips—a great way of finding out how to avoid making certain mistakes and how to impress the examiner.

What you’ll undoubtedly find most helpful, however, is their real driving lesson videos. You’ll be able to watch actual learners progress through their driving journey—looking at what kind of mistakes they make, how their instructor helps them improve and how confident they feel about taking the practical. Though it’s certainly not the same as taking the lesson yourself, these videos will give you some much needed insight and advice.

9. Conquer Driving

Next on the list is Conquer Driving, a channel led by instructor Richard Fanders, who has been teaching learners since 2009. His aim is to make all of his motoring knowledge available to the public, which is why he posts a mix of videos related to learning to drive and the ins and outs of owning a car. Though he’s only been posting content since January 2019, there’s still enough to help you get to grips with key skills.

Have a gander at Conquer Driving’s videos and you’ll be able to see a range of series targeting different key topics. Learners will be most interested in the ‘How To Drive’ series which looks at areas like when to change gear, clutch control tips and how to tackle roundabouts. If you’re looking for ways to ace your practical, you’ll want to watch the ‘Pass Your Driving Test’ series, as it offers insights into the reasons why learners fail their test, alongside some top advice. If you’ve passed your test, or you’re learning in your own car, you might also be interested in the ‘Car Care and Ownership’ series.

8. DGN Driving School

DGN Driving School follows instructor Pin Binning who has been teaching since 2009. The best feature of this channel is undoubtedly his ‘Latest Learner Driving Video’ series. These videos are an even mix of driving lessons and mini-mock tests. If you’re looking for what not to do on your test, these videos are exactly what you need! As the test progresses, you’ll notice a scoring system which will show you when a learner has made a minor or serious fault. This will be accompanied by the instructor’s commentary, which will explain why the action deserved a fault and what the student should have done instead.

If you’re not looking to watch mock driving test horror stories, you might be more inclined to check out the instructor’s learner driving lesson videos. You’ll be able to watch beginners tackle areas like roundabouts, hill starts and driving test manoeuvres, all the while hearing advice from an actual instructor. Again, while this won’t compare to you taking actual lessons, it’s great knowledge to have under your belt.

7. The Learner Driving Centre

The Learner Driving Centre has been posting content since 2010, and though they’ve not uploaded anything since 2017, there are still plenty of videos for you to sink your teeth into. We’d like you to remember, however, that this means that some of their content might be slightly outdated. The driving test has since undergone major changes, which means that certain areas (like sat nav driving and pulling up on the right) won’t be discussed.

As with other channels, you’ll be able to watch full playlists of videos that follow learner drivers on their journey towards becoming a fully qualified driver. You’ll be able to watch real driving lessons in action, and see how learners progress as they build up their driving skills and knowledge. (It’s a great way to motivate yourself and build on your confidence!) As with real driving lessons, however, you’ll notice that some of these videos are over two hours long—so you’d better prepare yourself!

6. Driving TV

Next on our list is Driving TV. Now, this YouTube channel is slightly different from the ones we’ve shown so far. You’ll notice that the instructor uses a mix of theoretical and practical teaching. That is, the instructor will demonstrate how a certain aspect of driving works by using diagrams on a whiteboard. He’ll then follow it up by showing you how it works as he’s driving. This is something that you might see in actual lessons—instructors often bring binders filled with diagrams on lessons in order to help you better understand how certain things work.

If you’re a beginner, you’ll be pleased to find videos that take you through the very basics of driving, ranging from MSPSL to changing gears to steering. If you’re closer to taking your driving test, you’ll be more interested in videos that cover topics like how to overcome test anxiety and most common driving test questions answered. There are even a couple of mock tests available that include a voice-over that points out when a learner has made a minor or serious fault and a debrief at the very end.

5. 1stdrive

Coming in at number five is 1stdrive, the self-proclaimed ‘online hypnotic instructor since 2008’. Yes, you did read that correctly. This YouTube channel follows an ADI who also happens to be a hypnotist—something that gives him “an understanding of the mind and how people learn”. If you’ve tried everything to tackle your test day nerves or overall driving anxiety, but still have a bad case of the butterflies, he does offer driving test hypnosis. It’s certainly worth taking a punt!

Beyond offering hypnosis, 1stdrive also covers the latest news and changes to driving law. More relevant to learners, however, is his range of playlists covering first driving lessons, handy driving lesson tips and even hazard perception tests. As with other YouTube channels, the instructor offers a selection of mock tests which include commentaries that give you a glimpse into why a driver might take a certain action, and why they should have done something else.

4. Learn-to-drive Travis

Learn-to-drive Travis follows a driving instructor who believes that anyone can learn to drive. So, if you’re looking for a YouTube channel to provide you with some much needed motivation, you don’t have to look further than the man who says “if you want to learn then anything is possible!” With videos dating all the way back to 2015, you’re sure to have enough content to last you a while.

Travis offers learners a variety of handy video series. You can test the waters by trying out his ‘Learn to Drive’ playlist that takes you through areas like moving off and gear changing, how to enter a dual carriageway and what to expect from your first driving lesson. Next, you can give his mock tests a watch. These videos feature a full debrief at the end which breaks down driving test faults, how they work and what examiners are looking for. If you’ve already passed your test, you’ll want to check out the ‘First year after passing driving test’ series, which looks at areas like filling up for the first time, dealing with driving nerves once you’ve passed and how to tackle motorways.

3. Advance Driving School

Coming in at number three is Advance Driving School, a YouTube channel that has been uploading content since 2015. This channel’s main aim is to help learners improve their driving and perfect the essential skills they need to become a safe driver and pass their driving test. With that in mind, they offer a mix of beginner, intermediate and advanced tutorials. So, no matter where you’re at in your learning journey, you’re bound to find something relevant to you.

If you’re only just starting out, their ‘Highway Code’ series covers all the basics—from knowing your speed limits to understanding road markings to reading traffic signs. (Definitely handy if you’ve not passed your theory test yet!) You’ll also find videos dedicated to intermediate skills, manoeuvres, clutch control and car control skills. Like other channels, Advance Driving School also has a selection of mock driving tests. These videos include a bar of total faults shown in real time, along with a full explanation of what has occurred, and a debrief at the end in which the instructor walks the learner through their faults.

2. Go2 Driving School

We’re almost at the finish line now! The runner up on our list is Go2 Driving School, a YouTube channel that follows a Derby-based instructor. This channel offers learners a glimpse into real life driving lessons with students ranging from beginner to almost pro. As with actual driving lessons, you’ll notice that some of these videos are over an hour long—so there’s certainly enough to unpack! Whether you’re struggling with driving test manoeuvres, roundabouts or junctions, you’re bound to find something that’s relevant to you.

There’s a nice range of playlists available here. For starters, there’s a series dedicated to ’10 different personalities sharing their learning journey towards a full licence’. These videos cover first lessons, specific driving skills, mock tests and even a post-test look at the student’s journey, advice and test tips! If that wasn’t enough to prepare you for the practical, there’s also a series of mock driving tests. As you watch these tests, you’ll notice that the video will pause whenever a learner makes a fault, which is then followed by a commentary from the instructor that explains what went wrong.

1. World Driving

Last, but not least, is World Driving, a YouTube channel dedicated to helping learners master key driving skills and ace their driving test. The channel offers a mix of mock driving tests, videos addressing areas that learners struggle with and a range of how-to guides. So, if you’re looking to swot up on the show me, tell me questions, trying to figure out the ins and outs of roundabouts or attempting to master parallel parking, you’ll most definitely find the answer in one of their many tutorials.

If you head on over to their playlist section, you can see their selection of driving tuition video series. Their ‘Essential UK Driving Test Tips’ series, for example, covers topics such as what to expect on the day of your test, top 10 reasons for failing the test and the secrets to passing. If clutch control is the bane of your existence, you’ll find the perfect solution in their ‘Clutch Control Tips and Tricks’ series. Like other channels, World Driving also offers mock driving test videos—showing you how faults are categorised, the feedback sheet and a full debrief at the end by the instructor.

And that’s our rundown of PassMeFast’s top ten YouTube channels for learner drivers! Let us know if we’ve missed any, or if we’ve mentioned any of your favourites!

If you haven’t gotten around to taking your theory test yet, have a gander at our top YouTube channels for theory test revision. Alternatively, for more driving tips and advice, keep an eye on the PassMeFast blog!

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