Our Top 5 Pass Photos in June

Collage of June pass photos

Summer 2018 is certainly proving the naysayers wrong. The sun is showing no sign of leaving the sky and England are showing no sign of dropping out of the World Cup! Yep, the month of June has been pretty sweet.

On top of all that, the PassMeFast learners continue to impress us with their positive attitudes and ability to master new skills. We’ve dragged ourselves away from the football long enough to have a look through all of our latest pass photos. From people who come to us with no experience, to those who just need to polish up on a few areas—we’ve had a wide range of students get their hands on that shiny green licence this month.

You’re probably itching to get back out into the lovely weather, so spare us just a couple of minutes to show you our top 5 pass photos from June. Enjoy!


There’s nothing like a bit of positive motivation to get you out on the road as quickly as possible. Viviana had an exciting road trip coming up and was hoping she could do her fair share of the driving. Having already completed quite a lot of driving hours before she came to us, she opted for PassMeFast’s 20 hour course.

PassMeFast student Viviana

Viviana’s new instructor turned out to be exactly what she needed:

“I was mostly lacking confidence and had issues with overcoming my nerves, but thanks to his patience, I have passed on my first attempt.”

Great news! Now she can enjoy the freedom of the road whilst admiring some of the UK’s beautiful countryside. Trust us, taking the wheel is WAY more fun than being on map duty.

The smile says it all

No wonder this fella’s smiling—his ability to learn to drive in a short space of time is enough to knock your socks off!

PassMeFast student Ruhith

Despite having no previous driving experience, Ruhith went for our 25 hour course. He aced his theory test, completed all of his lessons, and sailed through the practical! Now he’s a fully qualified driver with a permanent grin.

Congratulations Ruhith!

Zero minor first-timer

There must be something in the water this June, because we had more than one person vying for the ‘fastest learner’ crown. Carl was pretty nifty on his motorbike, but never got around to driving a car. Until now.

PassMeFast student Carl and instructor Shamsher

Here he is with his proud instructor, Shamsher, clutching that all-important pass certificate. And how long did it take him to master the car? Just 15 hours of lessons! Ready to be more impressed? He picked up no minors whatsoever!

Carl may have avoided getting any faults, but he did gain a new friend. Here’s what he had to say about his PassMeFast instructor:

“Shamsher is a great instructor and now a good friend. I highly recommend him. Patient, thoughtful and clear on everything you need to learn. Passed my test with 0 faults after just 15 hours tuition.”

Ahhh, you can’t beat a double happy ending. Well done Carl!

The right fit

PassMeFast student Jannice

Sometimes you can build up hours and hours of driving experience, but never quite feel test-ready. Maybe it’s the wrong instructor, maybe it’s the wrong course, or maybe you’re just not in the right headspace to learn to drive. Either way, you can end up losing both cash and confidence in the process!

This very common problem is the reason we designed our shorter courses. Students like Jannice prove that they work!

PassMeFast found her a course and instructor that suited her down to a T. How do we know? Well, she breezed through the theory, completed our 5 hour course and aced the practical test!

Jannice hit the town to celebrate and we added her to our list of top pass photos. Job done!


PassMeFast student Kira

Let’s end on an extra positive note with this fabulous picture of Kira. Not one to be put off by an initial fail on the practical test (very common), she persevered, maintained a positive attitude and now she’s a fully qualified driver!

Here’s what she had to say about her PassMeFast experience:

“I really enjoyed learning with Noel, my instructor. He was a brilliant teacher, explaining everything clearly and making lessons fun rather than daunting. After failing my first test, PassMeFast found me a second test date quickly, taking away any stress. I am happy to have passed my test now and feel confident with driving!”

That’s what we like to hear! Well done and good luck with your driving future, Kira!

Phew! What a month! We hope you enjoy these pictures as much as we do. Perhaps they can serve as a bit of motivation to start or complete your own driving journey. There’s still plenty of time to learn to drive and catch the rest of this lovely British summer from the driver’s seat. Don’t stop here—check out the top pass photos from July too!

Interested? Give PassMeFast a call today on 0333 123 4949, or check out our range of courses on the website. There’s no time like the present!

To keep up to date with all the latest driving news and tips, visit the PassMeFast blog.

By Isobel Robb

Isobel enjoys the freedom of the open road and loves driving to new places. She's here to offer helpful hints and tips to improve your motoring skills. When not keeping up to date with the latest driving info you can find her discovering new restaurants or exhausting her Netflix subscription.

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