10 Reasons Why Intensive Courses Are More Popular than Ever

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Here at PassMeFast, we know a thing or two about intensive courses. After all, it’s what we specialise in! One thing you might not realise, though, is that intensive courses are more popular now than ever before. With numbers skyrocketing, we’re taking a moment to ponder the reasons behind the surge in interest. See why so many people are choosing to go intensive—and why you should, too!

① They’re faster… much faster

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Let’s start with the obvious one. As the word ‘intensive’ implies, your course will proceed at a much faster pace than traditional lessons. How fast? Well, this can vary, but those learning fully intensively can expect to be behind the wheel for around five hours per day.

It’s not just the length of each session that makes a course intensive, though. It’s also the fact that you’ll typically take multiple sessions a week—up to every day! It’s a world away from a one-hour driving lesson each weekend.

Naturally, the prospect of shaving months off the process of learning to drive is a huge benefit for learners. Here’s what one PassMeFast student had to say about it:

Fab experience! Sorted out all my paperwork for theory and practical and had me passed within 2 and a half weeks of lessons- can’t recommend enough!

② The perfect date

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All of us seem to have one friend who has a horror story about waiting times. You know how it goes: they’d been learning for a little while, and were feeling pretty confident. Then they tried to book a test, only to find they’d have to wait months! In the meantime, they’d have to keep forking out for additional lessons.

An intensive course does away with all of that. That’s because, rather than focusing on just the lessons, a course covers the entire learning process. This, of course, includes the practical test—and the optimum time to take it.

Now, anyone with experience taking any kind of test will know that the best time to take it is when you feel most ready. In the context of driving, that means taking it right as your lessons come to an end.

Your test date is too important to be an afterthought. That’s why, when you book an intensive course, we’ll schedule in your test date well in advance, allowing you to plan your lessons around this date. Take this customer’s review, for example:

I recently took a 35 hour course with PassMeFast. The team were incredibly helpful and very organised and got me a practical test date within 3 weeks of me booking the course and fit my course around it.

③ Getting in there early

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So, you know now that your test will take place right after your lessons. However, you might not realise that there’s another great benefit to organising your test as part of an intensive course.

The traditional way of booking a test went something like this: wait until you felt ready, log onto the DVSA website, look for the next available date, book it in, and wait… and wait… and wait some more. That’s because, given the high demand for tests, most people experience very long driving test waiting times.

With an intensive course, things couldn’t be more different. Using a few nifty tricks, such as searching for driving test cancellations, we can find tests that take place weeks or even months ahead of the usual schedule! This means your licence could be safely in your hands soon after booking in. But don’t take our word for it…

Lovely team & fantastic driving instructor, with their help I was able to pass my test in less than 3 weeks of booking with them. Would definitely recommend!

④ Spend your lessons learning

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The main downside of traditional, one-hour lessons is that, well, they’re short. There’s hardly enough time in there for you to properly get into the nuts and bolts of a specific driving skill.

However, one of the worst things is that, given the short length of old-style lessons, you’re likely to spend a lot of time travelling. It makes sense to do this: a specific part of your local area will likely have road features that are good to practise on. Additionally, they may also appear on your test route.

The problem with this, though, is that that travelling there and back takes up a huge proportion of your lesson. Meanwhile, with an intensive course, once you’ve reached the right destination, you can practise there for hours, rather than just minutes. Much more efficient! Better still, this leaves plenty of time for you to complete a mock test, then brush up on areas of weakness. This certainly worked for one learner!

The instructor tailored my lessons according to what i needed most improvement in and placed it in the mock tests. My exam slot had all the factors in place for a nervous person like me to fail (Barking, 8:10am, raining) but i managed to sail through the exam and found it to be quite simple to do. Those mock tests did the trick.

and remember what you’ve covered!

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As noted, one ‘traditional’ lesson was rarely enough to cover a specific skill in depth. As if this wasn’t bad enough, you’d have to wait a week between each lesson. By the time you next got behind the wheel of a car, you’d probably have forgotten most of what you’d learned the previous week. Hardly a recipe for success!

Thankfully, intensive courses have tweaked the ingredients. By spending longer behind the wheel in one go, you’ll be able to go over a certain aspect of driving over and over again. Whether it’s parallel parking or knowing when to change gear, you build up your skills steadily and consistently. This is a great way of building up your muscle memory quickly!

As you can imagine, this approach is great for teaching some of the trickier aspects of driving. Here, for example, is what one of our students thought of it:

Kiyani exceeded my expectations. He has the right balance of patience as well as applying the right amount of pressure to get the learner to overcome any insecurities or weakness in their driving methods. Giving constructive advice and going through manoeuvres thoroughly until the learner has understood the techniques and is able the comprehend each step of the manoeuvre. Kiyani is an encouraging instructor who genuinely wants to see you pass. After speaking to others taking lessons with other instructors it was clear that Kiyani was putting a lot into each lesson ensuring maximum learning was achieved.

⑥ The cost-effective solution

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On the face of it, one-hour lessons may seem like a good deal. After all, there’s the flexibility to take as many or as few as you like. Sounds great, right? When you dig into the numbers, however, a different picture emerges.

Here at PassMeFast, we researched how much driving lessons cost in different areas of the country. On average, each one-hour lesson costs around £26.01. With learners taking an average of 48 hours to get up to test standard, that works out at £1344.48. Add in the cost of a practical test, and it turns out that there are no savings to be made from taking the slow path. And that doesn’t even take into account the fact that many learners will need far more lessons than this to pass!

An intensive course, meanwhile, is a solid investment. While upfront costs can be higher, you can rest assured that you’ll be spending your lesson time focusing on the areas that will really make a difference when your test rolls around. Plus, with our dedicated team behind you every step of the way, booking an intensive course means that you get more bang for your buck. One learner was certainly impressed:

Honest and easy to work with, just what you need to pass. Kept up to date and given plenty of encouragement by the team at PassMeFast. Well worth the money.

⑦ Less admin, less stress

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We all experience a different range of emotions when we get behind the wheel of a car for the first time. Exhilaration, terror, joy, anxiety… it’s a real whirlwind! Things come crashing back down to earth, though, when the weight of the admin hits us. Let’s face it: none of us wants to go through the experience of booking tests. It would be so much easier if someone else could do it for us.

Well, guess what? With an intensive course, that dream can come true. In fact, when you book on with us, we’ll sort out all of the admin for you! We’ll find you the perfect local instructor, arrange your (fast-tracked!) tests, and leave you to focus on what’s really important: the driving. So, what do our customers make of this approach?

Brilliant experience with PassMeFast, from the CX Adviser Aimee to the swift bookings she got for me in regards to my theory test and practical. She went above and beyond, was really understanding of my needs and booked me the best driving instructor I could have wished for.

⑧ Dedicated support

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Much as with true love, the road to driving may not always run smooth. A missed alarm here, a misplaced licence there, and the stress can mount up.

When things do go wrong, it’s nice to know that there’s someone you can talk to about it. With PassMeFast, that’s exactly what you’ll get. That’s because, in addition to our DVSA-approved instructors, we also have a dedicated team working at our head office in MediaCityUK. It’s their job to make sure that your course runs like clockwork.

If you have any questions, or experience any issues, your dedicated CX Adviser is only a call (or email) away. What’s more, they get the job done. That’s not just us speaking, though…

Extremely efficient service with helpful staff. My CX Adviser Sam was available to chat with me at any time and answered all of my questions. With it being the end of the year practical tests were sparse but Sam managed to find me a test within the time frame I had requested. Would definitely recommend!

⑨ Something for everyone

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When people first hear about an ‘intensive course’, they worry that it’s going to be a one-size-fits-all affair. Luckily, the reality is very different. In fact, we’ve got courses for all learners!

If you’re completely new to the driving game, then one of our beginner’s courses will be your best bet. These courses range from 35 to 48 hours, and will cover a comprehensive range of driving skills, starting from the basics.

Those who’ve already had plenty of experience, meanwhile, may only need a quick refresher. And guess what? We cater for you, too! Our shortest course is just 5 hours long, and is perfect for someone who’s almost test ready. We even make it easy to find your perfect option by providing a course recommender.

What’s more, you can choose between automatic and manual cars, as well as choosing the pace of your course. We also have both male and female instructors across the UK! This flexibility is what sets us apart, and our learners seem to love it:

The PassMeFast team worked hard to find test dates, lesson locations and instructors that suited my timetable and requirements. My instructor Louise was excellent and very supportive – even though we only had a few hours practice together before my test, she was able to identify quickly the areas where I needed to improve and give me great tips and advice in order to do so. With massive thanks to her, I was able to go into my test with confidence and get the pass I needed. Thoroughly recommended!

⑩ They work!

While there may be a million great reasons to take an intensive course, only one really matters: will it help me to pass? The answer here, we’re happy to report, is an emphatic yes! Since we opened up shop back in 2016, thousands of learners have got their licence with us. That’s a lot of happy new drivers! And we couldn’t resist posting just one more glowing review:

Amazing company, they booked in my practical test for when I needed it due to work commitments I was limited but they managed to sort it out to suit me. My instructor was lovely and got me through my test with 5 minor faults. I got the 10 hour course and did it within 5 days; I would definitely recommend PassMeFast! Enjoyable experience, no time wasting, brilliant communication and so helpful, I am so pleased I passed my test!

If you think an intensive course could be right for you, then all you need to do is get in touch. Just give us a ring on 03331234949, where our friendly team will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Alternatively, go right ahead and book online. The road to driving doesn’t have to be long!

By Andy Boardman

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