Why Take a PassMeFast Course Assessment? 5 Reasons

Aaron after having passed his driving test with PassMeFast

If you’ve been browsing our website lately, you might have seen reference to the course assessment that we offer. So, what is a course assessment?

Well, a course assessment is simply an hour spent with one of our qualified driving instructors, who will be able to help you decide which of our courses is best for you.

We know you’re itching to get driving, so you might be asking yourself, ‘do I really need to take one?’ We’ve put together the 5 most important reasons you should below.

#1: You’ll save time and money in the long run

A ticking clock

Ultimately, taking a course assessment is the best way to get passed fast. Picking the course that’s best suited to your existing driving experience and abilities will give you the highest chance of passing your test first time, which speeds up the process for everyone involved! Even if you’re a complete beginner, you could be on the road in as little as 10 days with PassMeFast.

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#2: It’s an opportunity to get the opinion of an expert

Driver and passenger

We do offer guidelines as to which course is best suited to you, based on your existing driving experience. However, as helpful as these are, the opportunity to get an expert’s opinion is invaluable, and is the best way to find out which areas of your driving you need to improve upon.

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#3: You’ll get to know one of our instructors

PassMeFast instructors
Just some of our instructors

Our qualified instructors are a great bunch, and a course assessment will give you the chance to get chatting to one of them about your driving experience, what you think your strengths and weaknesses are, and so on. We’re sure you’ll get on like a house on fire with your instructor, and the course assessment will give you a taste of all the hours of fun you’re going to have with them! Why not get to know our instructors a bit better with our interview with PassMeFast instructor Frank?

#4: It’s a great way to see if you’re best suited to automatic or manual

A manual gearstick
A manual gearstick

This can be a really difficult decision to make, as there are benefits and downsides to both manual and automatic cars. While the primary objective of a course assessment is to determine which of our courses is best for you, it also gives you a valuable hour’s practice in either an automatic or manual car. If you’re teetering between the two options, this can be really helpful.

#5: You’ll get a feel for the real PassMeFast experience

It’s possible that you’ve already taken conventional lessons before, or have experience of another driving school. Well, at PassMeFast we do things a bit differently, and taking a course assessment is a great way to get a feel for that!

We specialise in a range of intensive and semi-intensive courses, all of which come with a fast-tracked practical test. This type of driving experience will help you to pass more quickly, and often comes at a lower cost than traditional hourly driving lessons. For some of the other reasons why we think our approach is best, check out this article. Alternatively, why not take a look at our favourite PassMeFast customer reviews to see what all the fuss is about?

It’s simple to book your PassMeFast course assessment. You can either book your course assessment via our website, or by calling the team on 0333 123 4949.

Worried you don’t have the time to complete a course assessment, or simply want a quicker way to find out your perfect choice? Our course recommender could be right up your street. Simply answer a few quick questions and we can recommend your perfect course within minutes!

By Ben Scott

Ben's had a keen interest in all things driving from a very early age, so is perfectly placed to offer you all the advice you need. When he's not behind the wheel you'll either find him stuck deep into a novel or riding his bike.

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