PassMeFast’s 5 Hour Driving Course

Got plenty of driving hours in the bag but still haven’t passed your test? Lost your confidence after failing your most recent test? Fortunately, neither situation has to mark the end of your driving journey. The answer lies in refresher courses. Ideal for learner drivers who have plenty of experience under their belt but need to give their skills a good polish, refresher courses can get you test-ready in no time. PassMeFast offers its own range of refresher courses, the shortest of which is the 5 hour driving course.

Interested? Check out the handy video below taking you through exactly what our popular 5 hour driving course entails!

PassMeFast’s 5 hour driving course


Video Transcript:

“Are you a confident learner with plenty of experience? Or have you recently failed a test, and just need an extra confidence boost to help you pass? If you’re ready to get your licence fast, then PassMeFast’s five-hour course could be ideal for you.

It’s a great option if you just need a few hours to fine tune your driving, iron out any small mistakes, and get used to the car you’ll be taking your test in.

This course is typically taken over one to two days, and includes:

  • Four hours of tuition with a local, experienced, DVSA approved instructor, plus
  • A practical test, which we’ll book at a time, date, and test centre to suit you

We’ll even fast track your test, meaning it will take place weeks or even months ahead of normal waiting times. This means that you could get your licence in as little as two weeks!

You can also personalise your course—so, whether you need to take a theory test, want to learn in an automatic car, or have any special requirements, we can get it sorted. Just book in online or over the phone, and we’ll do the hard work for you!”

How to book

If our 5 hour driving course has caught your eye, you’re in luck—it really couldn’t be any easier to book onto a course with PassMeFast. All you have to do is ring 0333 123 4949 or book online yourself to get everything started today. Not sure if you need more hours? Our course recommender should clear things up for you. Just answer a few questions and we’ll recommend the perfect option!

Make sure you check out our great offers before you book in though—you might be eligible for a student discount or our monthly Theory Thursday deal. Plus, we’ve now got flexible finance options so you can pass fast and pay later!

The road to driving doesn’t have to be long. With PassMeFast, you can be on the road in no time at all! Get in touch today and take one step closer to saying those magic words: “I’ve passed!”

By Bethany Hall

Whether you’re a learner or a pro driver, Bethany is here to help. From defensive driving to the Highway Code, she’ll tell you everything you need know about driving. If she’s not on the road, you’ll probably find Bethany with her head in a book or binge-watching the latest TV show.

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