Ask Zephyr: Will the Pandemic Ruin My Chances of Learning to Drive?

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With the world in a state of perpetual chaos, we’ve all been hankering for a voice of reason. Today, dear readers, we are here to provide just that. Fresh off of his extended furlough (get it?!) period, Zephyr the cat is feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and ready to dish out some sterling advice. It’s a good thing, too, because the pandemic has left people with numerous driving-related questions!

Today, Zephyr addresses an issue that has been bothering a whole bunch of people: is it worth learning to drive during the pandemic? Let’s get into the specific dilemma and see what our favourite feline friend has to say!

*Note: Zephyr’s opinions are entirely his own and do not necessarily reflect the views of PassMeFast. His advice is bang on, though.

Dear Zephyr,
I started taking driving lessons early last year, but after numerous government-enforced breaks and cancelled tests, I’m getting really fed up of the whole thing! Should I give up on my aspirations of getting a licence until the pandemic is well and truly over, even though that risks forgetting everything I’ve learnt so far? Or should I put up with the delays and hold out hope that I’ll be able to hit the road again soon? Please help!
— Sick of the stalling, Ashton.  


The first thing you should know, Sick of the stalling, is that you are definitely not alone! Many learners are questioning their choice to start driving lessons in the 2020-2021 period. My buddies on the Customer Experience Team are the ones who have to pass on the news of lockdown restrictions and cancelled tests and I can tell you that it’s been tough for everyone involved. PassMeFast, after all, is all about intensive learning! That’s obviously not always been possible to achieve during the pandemic.

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Hang on in there!

The question of whether to give up completely for now or take advantage of the time windows where you can squeeze in lessons certainly is a tricky one. The thing is, you see, even if you wait until the pandemic is ‘over’ (if we ever reach that point!), the driving lesson and test situation won’t necessarily return to pre-pandemic conditions. At the very least, there will be a huge wait list for both instructors and tests. So, if you already have one foot in the door, as it were, I’d be tempted to keep it there. Turning your back on the whole thing now could leave you facing even longer delays in the future.

That being said, it all really depends on your personal scenario. How much do you think a driving licence would impact your life over the next year? Weigh up the pros and cons for you. If I had the ability to drive, you can bet your tail I’d be grabbing that freedom with both paws! Sharing pavements and sun lounging spots with other cats is no fun at all, especially with all of this Covid stuff floating around. But for you it might be something that can wait a few years. Give it a long, hard think and see what your gut, bank balance and common sense says!

Zephyr’s top tips: Learning to Drive in a Pandemic


  • Accept that it’s going to be a somewhat unpredictable process that requires patience.
  • Have some perspective—the delays are undoubtedly frustrating, but there are bigger and more important things happening in the world.
  • Do what is in your power to speed things up, like booking your driving lessons and tests through a company that will organise everything on your behalf. (Hey, that’s what we do!)
  • Make sure that you are taking all necessary safety precautions and follow the rules set out by the government.
  • Keep your eye on the prize. Earning a driving licence is a massive achievement and it will be worth all of the hard work you put in!

It’s great to have the clever little cutie back, isn’t it? We hope his wise words have helped those of you who may currently be experiencing your own driving journey doubts. To keep up to date with the latest news on how the pandemic is affecting lessons and tests, you can head to our dedicated COVID-19 blog post.  We also have a really useful guide on how PassMeFast is ensuring that learning to drive is safe during these unusual times. If this lockdown turns out to be a lengthy one, you might find our advice on coming back to driving after a break pretty useful. Trust us when we say that all of the hard work you’ve put into learning to drive up to this point will not go to waste!

That just about wraps up our first Ask Zephyr of 2021. But don’t worry, we’re likely to be back soon with another one of your driving dilemmas.

Until next time, good luck and happy driving!

Got a driving-related query that requires some whiskered wisdom? Leave it in the comment section below and Zephyr may answer it in a future post!

By Zephyr the cat

Zephyr is the PassMeFast office cat—cute as a button and wise beyond his years. Curiosity certainly didn’t harm this feline, it just made him a fountain of driving knowledge! When not dishing out sterling automobile advice, you’ll find him taking a well-earned nap or chasing balls of tin foil.

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