Which Countries’ Licences Are Valid in the UK?

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If you’ve already driven abroad, but are looking to get on the roads here in Britain, you’ll need to accustom yourself to a new set of driving laws. Before you can even get to that stage, though, you’ll need to check that you’re definitely able to drive here. If you’re not quite sure what the rules are, never fear: we’re here to help! In this guide, you’ll find complete information about which countries’ licences are valid in the UK.

Whether you’re coming to Britain for a short break or living here for a longer period, we’ve got the information you need to know. We’ll go through the questions you’ll need to ask yourself in order to determine whether your licence will be valid in the UK. So, don’t hit the road until you read this!

How long will you be in the UK?

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Let’s start with one of the most basic factors that will affect your licence’s validity: the length of your stay. As you may imagine, not every visitor to the UK has to go through the rigmarole of taking a UK theory and practical test. In fact, you can drive in the UK on any country’s licence for a period of up to 12 months. Good news if you’re planning on a UK road trip!

If you’ve been looking into driving around the UK, you might also have come across International Driving Permits. As it happens, there’s no legal requirement to carry one of these here in Britain. However, if you come from a non-English-speaking country, an IDP can help to make your licence more easily recognisable.

Where things get murkier is for those who are coming to live in the country longer term. After the 12-month mark, different rules apply to those holding different licences. Let’s explore each category one-by-one.

Northern Ireland

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Though part of the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland has a different system for obtaining a driving licence. Instead of the DVSA, which operates in England, Scotland and Wales, the DVA issues licences here.

Fortunately, there’s nothing to worry about for Northern Irish drivers coming to GB. That’s because NI licences are accepted on the same basis as those issued in any other part of the UK. You’re able to drive on your Northern Irish licence until it expires, without needing to exchange it for a GB equivalent. (If you do wish to exchange, though, you’re eligible to do so for free!)

Gibraltar, Guernsey, Jersey or the Isle of Man

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The next group of territories sit in a kind of limbo. Owned by the Crown without being part of the UK, specific rules apply to those with licences from Gibraltar, Guernsey, Jersey and the Isle of Man.

Unfortunately, things are a bit more difficult than for GB or NI licence-holders. While you won’t need to retake any tests, you will need to exchange your licence for a GB one after 12 months. If you don’t do this within 5 years of becoming a resident, however, you will need to take your theory and practical tests all over again. So, don’t let it slip your mind!

European Union or European Economic Area

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There’s good news for anyone whose licence was issued in an EU or EEA country. That’s because you can carry on driving on an existing car or motorcycle licence until you’re 70 years old. If you’re already 68 or over, you’ll be able to drive on your existing licence for three years. When your licence ceases to be valid, you can exchange it for a GB licence without needing to retake any tests.

The rules are more complicated, however, if you wish to drive a bus, minibus or lorry in the UK. Buckle up and pay attention:

  • If you’re under 45, you can carry on driving a bus, minibus or lorry on your EU licence until you’re 45, or for five years after becoming a GB resident—whichever is longer. You must then exchange your licence.
  • Between 45 and 65? You’re able to keep driving for up to 5 years, or until you reach the age of 66, before you need to exchange it. Note that, in this instance, the shorter of the two applies.
  • If you’re 66 or over, you must exchange your licence to carry on driving a bus, minibus or lorry in the UK.

‘Designated countries’

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Our next set of licences is a slightly ragtag group known as the ‘designated countries’. This set of nations and territories includes tiny Monaco and vast Australia, and stretches from the nearby Faroe Islands to destinations as far-flung as New Zealand. The one thing they have in common is an agreement that makes it possible for drivers to exchange their licences. The full list of countries is:

  • Andorra
  • Australia
  • Barbados
  • British Virgin Islands
  • Canada
  • Falkland Islands
  • Faroe Islands
  • Hong Kong
  • Japan
  • Monaco
  • New Zealand
  • Singapore
  • South Africa
  • South Korea
  • Zimbabwe

Unlike EU drivers, licences from the ‘designated countries’ are only valid in the UK for a period of 12 months. However, after this time runs out, drivers from these countries don’t have to sit UK theory and practical tests. Instead, they’re able to exchange their licence for a GB one for a fee, so long as they do so within 5 years of becoming a resident. (Please note that, though you have 5 years to exchange your original licence, you can only drive on it for the first 12 months!)

It’s worth noting that the above rules only apply to car and motorcycle licences. If you have a licence to drive a bus, lorry or minibus, this will not be valid in the United Kingdom. Should you wish to drive one of these vehicles here, you’ll need to sit tests.


Swiss flag flying next to snow-covered mountains

It may come as a surprise to see that this small Alpine nation gets its own section on this guide. However, Switzerland has a bit of a habit of choosing to follow some European rules… but not too many. When it comes to driving in the UK, this means that Swiss drivers enjoy a position slightly better than those from the ‘designated countries’, but not as liberal as those from EU states.

In terms of driving a car or motorbike, Swiss licences are valid in the UK on exactly the same basis as those from the 15 ‘designated countries’ mentioned above. This means you can drive on your original licence for 12 months after becoming a resident, with a 5-year period to exchange it for a GB licence.

However, Swiss drivers get a perk. That’s because, unlike the other ‘designated countries’, Swiss licences to drive larger vehicles, such as buses or lorries, are valid in the UK. In fact, the same rules apply as those for car drivers: 12 months on your Swiss licence, before exchanging for a GB one.

All other countries

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While we’ve discussed specific rules regarding dozens of countries, we’ve barely scratched the surface. In fact, the countries we haven’t yet mentioned account for 6.8 billion people!

You might expect some degree of diversity when it comes to acceptance of these countries’ licences. However, the same rules apply to all of them, from China and India to the USA and Brazil: your original licence is valid in the UK for 12 months only. This applies regardless of whether you’re a visitor, resident or international student.

After these twelve months are up, you don’t have the option to simply exchange your licence, as those from the ‘designated countries’ can. Instead, if you wish to keep driving in the UK, you’ll need to go through the same process of gaining a licence as any new driver in the UK. This means applying for a provisional and taking both a theory and practical test.

You may well need to take a few lessons, too—after all, driving on the left takes some time getting used to! If that’s the case, then consider checking out PassMeFast’s refresher courses. These are ideal for someone who already has a good knowledge of driving, but needs to brush up on the specifics of UK driving rules and become acquainted with the test format. Check out full details in our refresher course guide.

By Andy Boardman

Andy has been part of the PassMeFast Blog team from the very beginning. He'll provide you with plenty of useful motoring advice, helping you to get the most out of every trip. When he's not writing here, you're most likely to find Andy on the way to his next destination.


  1. Reply

    Janice Louwrens

    So a valid SA Drivers licence is acceptable to drive a car in UK, for 1 year. No International Drivers license needed……. My clients insurance company would not accept my SA licence…….. Kindly confirm TX

    1. Reply

      Andy Boardman

      Hi Janice,

      You can drive a car on any licence in the UK for one year. You don’t need an International Driving Permit to do so.

      Additionally, if you hold a South African car or motorcycle licence, you can exchange this for a British one, provided you’re a GB resident. However, South African licences for buses, lorries or vocational vehicles are not valid.

      Hope this helps,


  2. Reply

    Gayle Pfister

    If one changed ones driver’s licence for a UK one will the years one drove carry over? As the number of years one has had one’s driver’s licence plays a huge part in the cost of a car insurance.

    1. Reply

      Andy Boardman

      Hi Gayle,

      The best advice I could give here is to ensure you have evidence of your previous driving licence (e.g. a photocopy) that you could submit to your insurer here. This should give them an idea of how long you’ve been on the roads.

      Hope this helps,


  3. Reply


    Hi Andy,
    Are there any guidelines published from EU countries for UK license holders to drive over there post brexit transition deadline? A reciprocal agreement from the EU as outlined by the UK for EU/EAA for example. Currently, I’m only seeing advice to exchange my UK one to EU before 31/12/20.

    1. Reply

      Andy Boardman

      Hi Sam,

      As the EU and UK still haven’t reached an agreement on the terms of their future relationship, the status of driving licences remains unclear. Once an agreement is in place, or if it becomes clear that one will not be reached, then we can expect more clarity.

      The UK government has already committed to continuing to accept EU licences. Most EU countries have not yet reciprocated this commitment. This is why the UK government generally advises exchanging your UK licence for an EU one, as it’s guaranteed to be accepted in both jurisdictions. If any further guidance comes out, we’ll provide further updates in future posts.

      Hope this helps,


  4. Reply


    Thanks, Andy. If I get you right, as an international student from Nigeria, a Commonwealth country (thought not one of the designated countries), would you say my international driver’s licence the threshold for the one-year validity.

    1. Reply

      Andy Boardman

      Hi Ola,

      Yes – you’d be able to drive for one year in the UK on your Nigerian licence. If you wanted to continue driving in the UK, you’d need to pass theory and practical tests.

      Hope this helps


  5. Reply


    Hi andy i had my asian driving license and with that i exchanged in Europe now i moved in uk so what should i do to exchange my license. Thanx

    1. Reply

      Andy Boardman

      Hi Sara,

      This depends where you originally passed your test. If you passed your test in a designated country, such as Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore or South Korea, then you need to do the following:

      • Provide an official translation of your driving licence
      • Order form D1 from the DVLA
      • Send back the form together with a fee of £43 and any relevant documents

      If, however, you passed your test in a country which does not have licence exchange agreements with the UK, then it isn’t possible to exchange your licence. Instead, you’ll need to sit the UK theory and practical tests to get a British licence.

      Hope this helps.


  6. Reply

    Giuseppe cincinnato

    Hi I change my Italy driver license
    To a uk one can I change my license to an eu one after brexit
    I’m a lorry driver.

    1. Reply

      Andy Boardman

      Hi Giuseppe,

      The UK will continue to allow lorry drivers from the EU to exchange their licence. Depending on your age, you might not have to exchange your licence. To check what you need to do, use the official tool on GOV.UK.

      Hope this helps,


  7. Reply

    Vitalis Mwinyi

    Hi Andy! I have a driving licence from Tanzania (A Commonwealth Country) Will I be allowed to drive here in U.K for one year provision?


    1. Reply

      Andy Boardman

      Hi Vitalis,

      You can certainly drive in the UK for a year on your Tanzanian licence. If you’re a UK resident and want to carry on driving here for more than a year, you’ll need to sit UK theory and practical tests to obtain a British licence.

      Hope this helps!


  8. Reply


    Hi andy
    I have dubai driving licence 10 years old any possibility to exchange UK ones thanks

    1. Reply

      Andy Boardman

      Hi Tamour,

      The UAE do not currently have a licence exchange agreement with the UK. You can only drive in the UK using your UAE licence for one year. After this time, you’ll need to sit UK theory and practical tests to obtain a British licence.

      Hope this helps


  9. Reply

    Syed Shah

    Hi andy im an international student from dubai i have a dubai driving license . Can i drive a car using that i have entered uk in march 2019 . Can i drive using that or i need international license to drive.

    1. Reply

      Andy Boardman

      Hi Syed,

      You can only drive on a licence from the UAE for 1 year after becoming a UK resident. If you’ve been a resident since March 2019, then your UAE licence would no longer be valid here. Instead, you’d need to take the theory and practical tests in the UK and obtain a British licence.

      Hope this helps


  10. Reply

    Richard Lopez

    Hi Andy,

    I’ve exchanged my UK driving licence for a Gibraltar licence, I plan to take my A category motorcycle test in Gibraltar within the next few weeks. Once passed and added to Gibraltar licence, can the A category then be added to my UK licence when I return to the UK in a couple of years time and change my Gibraltar licence back again for the UK one.?


    1. Reply

      Andy Boardman

      Hi Richard,

      As the UK and Gibraltar have licence-exchange agreements, I can’t think of any reason why your entitlement to ride motorcycles wouldn’t carry over from a Gibraltar licence to a British one.


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