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ADI Yvonne

Since its inception in Greater Manchester, PassMeFast has gradually expanded across the UK—offering intensive and semi-intensive courses to more and more counties with each passing year. This month, for example, we launched courses in Kent for the first time. We wouldn’t be able to do this, of course, without our ever-growing fleet of experienced driving instructors. As an integral part of the PassMeFast team, we’re keen to put the spotlight on our hardworking ADIs—which is why we launched our “Meet an ADI” series. 

In this month’s edition, we’re meeting local instructor Yvonne. Though she’s only been a member of the PassMeFast fleet since October 2018, she’s got heaps of teaching experience under her belt and even more success stories. Keep on reading to get to know her better!

About Yvonne

Age: 54

What age were you when you passed your test? 23.

How many times did it take you to pass? 3.

How long have you been an ADI? 16 years.

What was your first car? Racing green Fiesta.

What car do you drive now? Blue Fiesta.

What’s your dream car? Qashqai.

What motivated you to become an instructor? I wanted to work for myself and to teach safe driving for life.

Have you taught any family members to drive? My son and daughter-in-law. I’m now teaching the children of pupils who passed 12-15 years ago. I love that ?

What’s your proudest moment as an instructor? Teaching Julie who suffered with autism—she was told at school she was useless and would never be able to achieve any of her goals. She was also bullied for being different. She passed first time and is now studying at uni and has a baby!

What’s the most enjoyable thing about being a driving instructor? When pupils struggle with something, then we try a different way and bingo—they get it!

And the most frustrating thing about being a driving instructor? Other drivers’ impatience, plus tailgating drivers.

What’s your biggest pet peeve about other drivers? Impatience and using their phones.

What’s your favourite pass story? Teaching Edna who was 73 at the time. Her hubby had passed away and her grandkids lived in Tamworth. To see more of them she needed to be able to drive instead of getting the train and bus. I cried when she passed on her second attempt because I knew how much it meant to her.

What’s the craziest pass celebration you’ve seen? Megan screamed so loud the examiner nearly jumped out the car. Then she ran up to me like a demented woman and flung her legs and arms around me! We still keep in touch over Facebook.

What’s the most common thing people fail on? Mirrors and blind spot checks.

What’s the best piece of advice you’d give to new drivers? Don’t take risks, stay safe, never assume anything, be patient and hold back.

When did you join PassMeFast and why? October 2018.  I heard good things about them.

What do you do to relax? I like spending time with family and friends. I love a soak in the bath with scented candles.

Do you have any hobbies or interests? I love bingo, cooking and going on family holidays abroad.

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