BREAKING: Emergency Test Applications Closed

Screenshot of the emergency test booking page on GOV.UK with a red "X" over it to show that the service has now closed.

The DVSA has today announced that it will no longer accept applications for emergency driving and theory tests. This news will affect some key workers looking to learn to drive. Read on to find out about the status of existing applications and bookings, and see what it all means for you.

Emergency test applications closed: FAQs

What has changed?

During lockdown, the DVSA made a limited number of emergency tests available to key workers. It was initially possible to apply for these via email. Later, in response to high demand, this was replaced by an online form that streamlined the process by allowing applicants to submit evidence.

Now, after almost five months, it is no longer possible to request an emergency test. The application process closed on August 14th. If you didn’t apply for an emergency driving test before this date, you’ll need to wait for the DVSA to reopen the standard test booking system to the general public.

There is some good news, though: the normal system for booking theory tests is open to everyone. So, if you’re looking to pass the theory, you can book in and take it at a local test centre.

I’ve already applied for an emergency test. What will happen to my application?

If you’re still waiting to hear back about the status of your application, then don’t worry. The DVSA has confirmed that they will be emailing candidates to allow them to book their emergency test in due course. As long as you meet the requirements for an emergency test, you should be good to go—so just sit tight!

PassMeFast student taking a driving test wearing a face mask

I have an emergency test booked. Will this go ahead?

Yes. Though new applications are no longer being accepted, emergency test bookings that are already in place will be unaffected.

What is happening to other types of driving and theory tests?

Theory testing has resumed for the general public across England, Scotland and Wales. Additional safety precautions are in place in test centres, including 1 metre social distancing (or 2 metres in Scotland), extra cleaning, and mandatory face masks. It is now possible to book your theory test via the normal system.

A phased approach to the resumption of practical testing is in progress in England. As the first step of this process, testing is reopening to those whose booking was cancelled due to coronavirus. The DVSA is contacting these candidates to allow them to book new appointments. It is not yet possible for other candidates to book tests at this time.

If you have any further questions about the status of emergency tests, please don’t hesitate to ask us in the comments. Alternatively, if you’re a PassMeFast customer, contact the team on 0333 123 4949, or by emailing your CX Adviser. Stay tuned to the PassMeFast Blog for all the latest news!

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