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Ask Zephyr: Being the Designated Driver is Ruining My Party Plans!

Ask Zephyr cat microscope

It’s time for another instalment of our Ask Zephyr series, where we put your driving dilemmas to the surprisingly well-informed PassMeFast office cat. We were lucky to get an audience with the clever kitty this month, as this is one of his favourite times of the year! There are Christmas trees to pull down, fairy lights to fixate on and presents to prematurely unwrap (read: rip to shreds—it’s a good job he’s cute!). Sit down he did, though, just long...

Ask Zephyr: I hate driving behind cyclists!

Ask Zephyr cat microscope

Welcome to our brand new series ‘Ask Zephyr’! Every month, our furry office friend will be answering your most frequently asked driving questions and treating everyone to some top-notch advice. What does a domesticated cat know about life on the road, you ask? Well, quite a lot actually! You see, Zephyr spends a majority of his time hanging out with the PassMeFast team and this nosy little kitty sees and hears EVERYTHING. He’s now more than qualified to tackle any...