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5 Driving Monitor Apps to Relieve Anxiety

Top 5 Driving Monitor Apps

It’s not just new drivers who are affected by nerves; as your loved ones take to the car, you might also experience butterflies (and not the nice kind). Even if you’re not the wrap ’em up in cotton-wool type, you can still acknowledge the risks they’re undertaking—and it’s natural to want to set your mind at ease. As it turns out, there’s a driving monitor app for that. Or, several, actually! So, as your nearest and dearest rev away on...

Can You Learn to Drive in Your Own Car?

Car keys in ignition

Virtually all of us know the normal route to getting a driving licence. You call up an instructor (or book online), take lessons and tests in their car, and, hopefully, pass. This path is so well trodden that you may think that it’s the only option. By the same token, you could end up wondering if you’re even allowed to explore other alternatives. One top question is whether you can learn to drive in your own car. We’ll go through all...

Can I Learn to Drive Without an Instructor?

Cartoon red car with woman driving attached to car key

When it comes to learning to drive, there’s no one-size-fits-all. People develop skills in a variety of different ways and time frames. You might opt for hourly lessons, an intensive course, or perhaps a mix of the two! Even before you settle on an approach, the big question is often: who is going to teach me to drive? It may surprise you to learn that you don’t actually have to take lessons with a bona fide, DVSA-approved instructor. Some people,...

Parent of a Learner Driver? Here’s What You Need To Know

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With so many teenagers opting to start learning to drive as soon as they get their hands on their provisional licence, it’s not surprising to find that some parents feel like they’ve been thrown in at the deep end. As a parent of a learner driver, you’ve probably got dozens of questions on your mind. You might be wondering if you’re supposed to teach them yourself—and if you’re actually allowed to—or simply figuring out where you can find a good...

Who Can Sit With A Learner Driver?

Driver and passenger

It isn’t just instructors who can help you learn to drive. Learners can also benefit from practice outside of lessons with a family member or friend. In fact, the DVLA suggests that most learners take about 22 hours of driving accompanied by someone other than their driving instructor. During this time it’s possible to consolidate what you’ve been taught by a professional, and gain vital experience on the road. However, before you let just anyone accompany you out and about,...

Taking the Practical Test in Your Own Car

Taking the practical test in your own car

Many drivers wonder if they can take the driving practical test in their own car. After all, you want to try and make the experience of your driving test as predictable as possible. However, information on whether you actually can use your own car in the driving practical test is notoriously unreliable. Rumours about this are everywhere! Does the car need to have dual controls? Does the car have to have a certain sized engine? Can I take the test...