Learning to Drive

Learning to drive is what PassMeFast is all about. We’ve already helped hundreds of students trade in their provisional for a shiny new full UK driving licence—and the list of PassMeFast alumni is growing every single day. That’s why we’ve created a section of our blog specifically dedicated to provide useful guidance for those who are currently learning to drive. In this section, we’ll include information on which courses to take, the best way to prepare for your theory and practical tests, and plenty more handy hints and tips to help speed up your journey to driving. Get the advice you need to ditch your ‘L’ plates faster!

Is The Theory Test Hard To Pass?

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Before you can take the driving test and get your hands on a full driving licence, you first have to pass the theory test. Designed to test your knowledge of the road, Highway Code and much more, the theory test packs quite the punch. Of course, this clashes with the popular opinion amongst learners that the test simply requires common sense. You might be wondering then, is the theory test hard? In order to answer this question, we’re going to...

Meet an Instructor: Tony

Meet an ADI Tony

Greetings, PassMeFast readers! It’s that time of the month again where we give you an exclusive look at our very own ADIs. Yep, that’s right. We’re back with our latest monthly instalment in the Meet an ADI series. In previous months, we’ve learned about PassMeFast instructors from Greater London, West Yorkshire and Greater Manchester. Today, we’re heading over to Lancashire to meet local ADI Tony. Tony joined the PassMeFast fleet in 2018 and has had over 4 years of teaching experience...

Learning to Drive With Epilepsy

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Getting your driving licence is a big step for anyone—and if you have a medical condition like epilepsy, it can seem even more daunting. But don’t let all the confusing rules and horror stories of licence revocations get to you. That certainly won’t help you get on the roads. Instead, remember everyone’s driving experience is different, and that applies to learners with epilepsy as well. What’s more, we’re here to support you. We’ll clarify what the seizure requirements mean, and...

How to Drive an Automatic Car

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Back in the day, manual cars were the default choice for most new drivers. Nowadays, however, more and more drivers are opting for automatic cars—not having to deal with the pesky clutch is seen as an opportunity too good to pass up. Though they have the reputation of being easier to drive, they can be difficult to adjust to if you’re not fully prepared. That’s why we’ve put together a guide that walks you through how to drive an automatic...

PassMeFast’s Top 10: YouTube Channels for Learner Drivers

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If you find yourself struggling to master a certain driving skill, or you’re trying to dispel some of the mystery surrounding the dreaded driving test, there’s one place to head to: YouTube. Though nothing compares to the actual tuition of a DVSA-approved instructor, YouTube videos are a great way of watching lessons in action, getting top tips from experienced instructors and easing your nerves. But where do you start? In this guide, we’re walking you through our top ten YouTube...

Meet an Instructor: Martin

Meet an ADI Martin

Greetings, PassMeFast readers! We’re back again with our latest monthly instalment in the Meet an ADI series. In this series, we shine the spotlight on our hardworking driving instructors—giving you a behind-the-scenes glimpse at their stories. In the past, we’ve looked at PassMeFast instructors from Greater Manchester, South Yorkshire and Greater London. Today, we’re heading over to West Yorkshire to meet local ADI Martin. Martin joined the PassMeFast team all the way back in 2018 and has a whopping 15...

Coronavirus: How to Keep Learning to Drive During Lockdown

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With lockdown rules in place, many learner drivers have seen their driving journey grind to a complete stop. Meanwhile, most theory and practical tests have been suspended. So, does that mean you’ve got to wait until lockdown is lifted to start your learning journey again? Not necessarily! Whether you only just got your provisional licence before lockdown was announced or were almost ready to take your theory or practical test, there are still ways to stay on top of your...

Meet an Instructor: Dave

Meet an ADI Dave

We’re back yet again with another instalment in our Meet an ADI series! In the past, we’ve interviewed PassMeFast instructors from Greater London, South Yorkshire and Greater Manchester. Today, we’re heading over to County Durham to meet local ADI Dave! Dave has been a member of the PassMeFast team since 2018 and has got 12 years of teaching experience under his belt! Keep on reading to find out more about his story! About Dave Age: 60 What age were you...

Meet an Instructor: Philippa

meet an ADI philippa

It’s time for us to shine the spotlight on yet another one of our hardworking driving instructors! In the past, we’ve interviewed PassMeFast ADIs in Greater Manchester, Lancashire and Greater London. Today, we’re heading over to Derbyshire to meet local ADI Philippa! Philippa has been a part of the PassMeFast team since 2018 and has been an instructor for 15 years. Let’s hear more about her story below! About Philippa Age: 52 What age were you when you passed your test?...