Driving Tips

Whether you’re just starting out as a learner driver or have already had your licence for years, we all need a few pointers here and there to help us avoid making mistakes and adapt to new situations. That’s why, in this section, we’ll provide you with plenty of informative and useful driving tips to help you become a safer, more confident driver, and get the most out of motoring. We’ll add in everything from articles and guides to interactive quizzes, meaning that there really is something for everyone. Check out our driving tips section for advice that all drivers can use!

History of the Highway Code

40mph speed limit on a long road

Whether you’re a learner driver or a veteran driver with many years under your belt, you’ll undoubtedly have heard of the Highway Code. Introduced in 1931, the Highway Code has undergone drastic changes over the years in order to keep drivers and the rest of the public as safe as possible. A knowledge of the Highway Code is vital for every driver out there, so get ready for a full history of the Highway Code! What is the Highway Code?...

Is there a Minimum Speed Limit?

Speed camera

When we think about speed limits, we tend to think about the maximum speed that you are permitted to travel on different roads, and the type of vehicle you are driving. We all understand the need for keeping to a restricted speed: the safety of ourselves and other road users is at stake. We also understand that exceeding the speed limit can result in points on your licence, a fine, or even disqualification from driving. But can you be penalised...

Different Types Of Sat Nav—Which Is Best for Me?

A built-in sat nav—one of the different types of sat nav

Just 15 years ago, satellite navigation units (aka sat navs) were something of a rarity. If you got into someone’s car and saw a screen mounted on the dashboard, you knew you were sitting in something special! These days, however, it’s becoming more and more common to see sat navs fitted as standard to cars. Portable satellite navigation units have also become hugely popular, and most smartphones now have mapping capability. But what are the advantages and disadvantages of the...

Defensive Driving Tips and Techniques

The inside of a BMW

Learner drivers typically have one goal in mind: passing their practical. However, driving comes with plenty of everyday challenges that you won’t encounter during your test. In response to these challenges, drivers can adopt specific skills to help prevent accidents and reduce the risk of collision. This set of skills is known as defensive driving, and learning them can help keep you—and other drivers—safe on the road. Read on to learn more....