Driving Tips

Whether you’re just starting out as a learner driver or have already had your licence for years, we all need a few pointers here and there to help us avoid making mistakes and adapt to new situations. That’s why, in this section, we’ll provide you with plenty of informative and useful driving tips to help you become a safer, more confident driver, and get the most out of motoring. We’ll add in everything from articles and guides to interactive quizzes, meaning that there really is something for everyone. Check out our driving tips section for advice that all drivers can use!

Buying A New Car: Dos and Don’ts

New cars inside car dealership

Navigating the rough waters of buying a new car can be a tricky ordeal if you’re not familiar with the process—or if you don’t know what you’re actually looking for. If you don’t do your research, you could end up going over budget for a car that doesn’t actually suit your needs. So, if you’d like to avoid buying a car you’ll want to get rid of within a few months, it’s vital that you know what to look out...

Struggling With Clutch Control? Follow These Top Tips!

Interior of a car with the steering wheel on the right

Clutch control is one of the toughest things for learners to master, and is even capable of causing trouble for experienced drivers. However, with most UK motorists still getting behind the wheel of a manual car, it remains a necessary skill. With this in mind, we’ve created our very own top tips to help you overcome your clutch control problems and enjoy smooth driving from now on. Before we get started on our top tips, we’d first like to emphasise...

Hate Paying Vehicle Tax? Buy A Tax-Exempt Car!

Close-up of an orange car's headlights

They say that the best things in life come for free… but when it comes to driving, it’s another story. First, there’s the cost of buying the car, which is staggering enough by itself. Add in insurance and maintenance, and you can practically feel the money leaving your wallet. Then, as one final flourish, you also have to pay the government for the privilege of driving. Yep, we’re talking vehicle tax. However, if you’re particularly savvy, you can dodge this expense...

Driving After Brexit: EU Citizens Living in the UK

EU flag with one of the 12 stars replaced with a PassMeFast checkmark

Since the UK voted to leave the EU in 2016, the exact consequences of Brexit have remained unclear. While we here at PassMeFast can’t predict every outcome, we can help clear things up when it comes to driving. That’s why, in our Driving After Brexit series, we’re examining what the political changes will mean for everyday motorists. In this article, we’ll cover the potential impact on EU citizens living in the UK. What happens to drivers with a licence from another EU...

Ask Zephyr: I hate driving behind cyclists!

Ask Zephyr cat microscope

Welcome to our brand new series ‘Ask Zephyr’! Every month, our furry office friend will be answering your most frequently asked driving questions and treating everyone to some top-notch advice. What does a domesticated cat know about life on the road, you ask? Well, quite a lot actually! You see, Zephyr spends a majority of his time hanging out with the PassMeFast team and this nosy little kitty sees and hears EVERYTHING. He’s now more than qualified to tackle any...

I’ve Just Passed! Should I Buy A New Or Used Car?

Line of parked cars zoomed in on rainy day

So you’ve finally passed your driving test. Congratulations! Once the initial excitement has worn off and you’re done posing for your pass photo, you’ll probably spend a few hours planning your first road trip. Before you can actually hit the open road unsupervised, however, you first need to do one pretty important thing: buy your first car! Of course, learning to drive isn’t exactly a cheap process. So, you’re probably wondering whether you should buy a new or used car....

Driving Myths Busted: You’ll Fail Your Test If You Stall

Traffic light sign submerged in body of water

Even the mere mention of the world stalling is enough to strike fear in the heart of many a learner driver. Everyone’s done it at least once or twice, but absolutely no one feels good about it. Stalling is nerve-wracking, embarrassing and, for that split second of engine silence, makes you feel as if you have no control over the car. When it comes to learner driver fears, then, the real doozy is the the idea of stalling during the...

What Happens If You Get Stuck In Traffic On The Driving Test?

View of traffic ahead from windscreen of car

Concerned about what’ll happen if you get stuck in traffic during your driving test? Well, let us clear things up: you’ll get an immediate fail and be banned from the roads for life. Juuust kidding! But, seriously, you’d be surprised how many learners worry about this. When it comes to rush hour tests and the prospect of getting stuck in heavy traffic, the driving myths are ten a penny. The truth is out there, as they say, but it can...

Sharing A Car? Here Are Some Top Tips!

Low angle shot of three people near a green Mercedes Benz

Nothing quite compares to having the freedom to go wherever you’d like. Being able to drive gives you ultimate independence. Whether you’re nipping out on a quick errand or taking off on a long road trip, it can feel like the world is at your feet. Unfortunately, freedom can be pretty costly. When you add up the upfront cost of buying a car, vehicle tax, insurance and the cost of fuel, it can often feel like you’re watching most of...