Driving Law

Whilst it might not always seem like the most exciting subject, all drivers and learners need to have a solid knowledge of driving law. Knowing the rules of the road doesn’t just mean that you could keep away from any sticky situations with the law—it also means you could avoid putting yourself, and other road users, in danger. To help our readers stay safe on the road, we’ve created our driving law section, which goes in depth on all the rules and regulations surrounding driving. We’ll also go into some of the history of driving law in the UK, so you can see how things have changed over time.

History of the Highway Code

40mph speed limit on a long road

Whether you’re a learner driver or a veteran driver with many years under your belt, you’ll undoubtedly have heard of the Highway Code. Introduced in 1931, the Highway Code has undergone drastic changes over the years in order to keep drivers and the rest of the public as safe as possible. A knowledge of the Highway Code is vital for every driver out there, so get ready for a full history of the Highway Code! What is the Highway Code?...

Is there a Minimum Speed Limit?

Speed camera

When we think about speed limits, we tend to think about the maximum speed that you are permitted to travel on different roads, and the type of vehicle you are driving. We all understand the need for keeping to a restricted speed: the safety of ourselves and other road users is at stake. We also understand that exceeding the speed limit can result in points on your licence, a fine, or even disqualification from driving. But can you be penalised...

History of the UK Driving Licence

Ever since 1903, anyone driving a car in the UK has needed a driving licence. Over the course of more than a century, this humble document has undergone some remarkable changes to reflect the way we use the road. Ready to dive into the history of the driving licence? Buckle up and enjoy the ride!...